Acromym: Timecase

Project title: Time case Memory in action

Coordinating institution:

Dates: 2012-2014

Participant countries:

The Goethe-Institut e.V., Paris, Germany
Castrum Peregrini, The Netherlands
Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (Camberwell College of Arts)
Swedish Exhibition Agency (Living History Forum)
Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum
Bucharest National University of Arts, Romania
Palazzo Spinelli, Italy
ACERT, Portugal

Subject area(s):

Cultural memory is uninspiring to a large group of people
Lack of competence on participatory learning approaches in the cultural sector
Widening access through collaboration and participation urgently needed
The need for inclusive narratives


TIME CASE Memory in action is a network of organizations, groups and individuals interested in participatory arts and 20th century memory practices. It offers experts of organizations dealing with cultural memory effective practice examples, knowledge and tools to enhance their participatory practices. It will support cultural organizations concerned with memory in reflecting on their own participatory practice, to investigate and explore ways in which they can begin to re-imagine our recent histories. The ambition of TIME CASE Memory in action is to celebrate the unique and hard won endeavours of creative projects and organizations across Europe that are engaging the public as active agents in their work. TIME CASE Memory in action is a resource for practitioners, researchers, (funding) organizations and participants that will provide examples, useful tools and outline key questions raised through practice. TIME CASE Memory in action wants to become a financially sustainable organization advocating and championing participation and active memory learning across the EU.

Project objectives:

1. To conduct a practice-based survey on innovative educational approaches concerning 20th century history

2. To set new standards for open learning environments and participatory approaches in cultural heritage

3. To develop new participatory approaches through peer coaching

4. To exploit the project results and develop a sustainable support structure for the target groups

Project website: http://www.timecase.org

Outcome in terms of pubblications: