Acromym: Sismile

Project title:


“Increase Vocational Skills To Face Earthquake Risk Inside Of Building"

Project strand: Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Training

Coordinating institution: Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute

Dates: 2011-2013

Participant countries:

Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning from Romania; Pera

Fine Arts Vocational Training Institute from Turkey; Technical University of Varna from

Bulgaria; The Institute of Training & Career Guidance (IEKEP) from Greece; European

Furniture Manufacturers Federation from Belgium; PALAZZO SPINELLI PER L'ARTE E IL


Packaging Technology Institute from Spain; Yamaguchi University Faculty of Engineering

from Japan.

Subject area(s): vocational training


The project aims to bring new approach to furniture industry via creating an education programme about nonstructural elements inside buildings against the earthquake risks which is a virgin area for furniture workers and manufacturers. The main result of the project will be an e-learning system which will include design techniques of nonstructural elements such as chairs, windows, doors, sofas, tables, wardrobes, kitchens, mattresses with many different uses (e.g. households, schools, offices)

Project objectives:

- Providing the deep involvement of the target group and sector representatives during the project life time

- Setting up good relations with vocational training providers to provide their usage after the project life

- Creating a system which covers the standard training and qualification approaches such as European Qualification Framework

- Creating a system which also covers the expectations caused by the national and cultural differences

- Presentation of the systems to the final benefits and provide them to understand that how could they get benefit, if they use the system

- Reminding the importance of the nonstructural elements risks prevention against earthquakes to the local authorities, politicians and key organizations

- Creation of a certification system which will help to improve the employability and interests of the furniture workers and which also will help the distribution of the product within the current training systems via accrediting by National Ministries or other authorized organizations

- Searching for the silent partners and by taking silent partner to provide a feeling more responsibility to volarize the project result.

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Outcome in terms of pubblications:

SISMILE External Evaluation Final Report