Reseltam II


Acromym: Reseltam II

Project title: Sharing Knowledge and Good Practices between the Craftsmen in Restoration Sector

Project strand: Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Training

Coordinating institution: Pera Fine Arts (turkey)

Dates: 2010 - 2012

Participant countries: Pera Fine Arts (turkey), Ecole d’Avignon (France), Centro Albayzin (Spain, Nysa Vocational School (Poland), APlazzo Spinelli Firenze (Italy)

Subject area(s): restoration, conservation, craftsmen, multicultural


RESELTAM is a Multilateral Development of Innovation project, co-funded by EU, that produced an e-Learning tool which provides possibilities to the craftsmen to take an education about specific subjects without facing with the logistic, educational, cultural, economic problems

Project objectives:

RESELTAM II aims to increase the knowledge and skills of the craftsmen who work in restoration sector by exchanging their knowledge and skills in several different activities.

Project website:

Outcome in terms of pubblications:

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