Acromym: Re-Spect

Project title: conservation matters the art of restorers in a demanding world


Coordinating institution: Palazzo Spinelli

Dates: 2012

Participant countries:

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, The State Higher Vocational School in Nysa, ABADIR Accademia di Belle Arti, AFAD - The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava

Subject area(s): Conservation and restoration


Re-spect  is about the conservator’s figure and role in the XXI century. Despite the focus of his/her training, the convergence of artistic  and  scientific competences in one single professional represent an opportunity for future and wers that our world, if not just its cultural heritage, is more and more de manding.

Project objectives:

The reSpect project is about re-thinking the XXI century conservator/restorer’s figure and role. It intends to evaluate the possibility of setting the benchmark for an updated and innovative education itinerary for such a figure.

Conservator/restorer (C/R) commonly means a professional that operates within the Cultural Heritage sector. In recent decades the “universe” of Cultural Heritage has widened its limits so much (embracing both the worlds of artistic productions and the natural environment) that trainees of different disciplines dealing with conservation (i.e. Art, Architecture and the Environment) share much fundamental knowledge (i.e. chemistry, physics, materials’ behaviours etc.) and much more, particularly, but not only from the scientific/technological area, has been added to such specialist activity in recent years.

Project website:

• To provide the future C/Rs in both Cultural Heritage and in Environmental sectors with a common vision of conservative questions and better understanding of correlated issues;

• To steer information sharing between the conservation areas of art and the environment;

• To evaluate and delineate possible improvements in C/R initial and further education;

Outcome in terms of pubblications: